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Angela Kohl

The Lord has always placed me in Leadership positions that require full dependence on Him.  This full reliance is a journey, a daily surrender, and an opportunity to reflect Him to others regardless of whether your work is a faith-based community. It is my greatest desire to see you grow, serve, and reflect Him in all you do.

After over two decades of leading teams in care-driven industries, I knew it was time to share the journey, and partner with others. Whether you need someone to meet you where you are, help you grow your culture, challenge you to stop the crazy cycle or bring training and encouragement to you and your team; I’m here for you!

I am a certified Enneagram Coach that believes, the self-awareness of a leader and the team around them is foundational to a caring, passionate culture.  Diving into the Enneagram will give a fresh perspective on the team’s communication, work tendencies, how they handle stress, and growth opportunities. Who doesn’t desire this in their work community?

I partner with women, leaders, and teams to help them grow in Christ, and lead with care, compassion, and quality results. Lead your team with encouragement, care, and intentional development; all while improving and achieving quality and excellence in your community, church, and business.

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Enneagram Coach Certified

Who I Serve


Women desiring to grow in relationship with Christ, improve relationships, and lead well anywhere they have influence.  Options include a deeper dive with the enneagram or simply journeying together.


Leaders desiring to lead healthier, lead in Christ, develop their teams, and ultimately lead with more peace and passion.


Teams that will grow through development, training, and encouragement.


Grateful to get invited to @hopetalkspodcast with @graysonkwillis and @margmichael. Prayerful it brings encouragement and all Glory to God!
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