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Child Care Coaching and Consulting


After 17 years of leading a Preschool/Daycare, it is my heart and passion to support other Directors. I value working with leaders who want to lead well, provide excellent quality care, and create an atmosphere of value and longevity for their team. It is often a lonely, challenging role; I am eager to support you.

Director/Leadership Support and Development

Receive Support, Direction, and Guidance as you lead your team and center. 

Coaching is available to develop your leadership, culture, and processes that result in you being more confident, equipped, and able to enjoy your role. 


Consulting is available to assist and guide you in areas of challenge, growth, and improvement. Whether it is developing strong foundational systems or building a strong culture and resilient team, I would love the opportunity to support you.


Often as a Center Director, the challenge of the vast responsibility simply leaves you needing support or someone to understand where you sit.  Invest in yourself, and the results will be evident in your team and your center.

Team Training

We will partner to analyze the specific needs of your team and develop training to support their growth, development, and needs.


Training topics are available to support center development, culture, team relations, self-awareness, communication, and more.


Investing in the development of individual team members or the team as a whole is not only an investment into quality care but shows them that they are valued!

Amanda, Childcare Director, VA

I am so thankful to have met Angela Kohl. Saying that working with her has been a joy is an understatement. She brings such positivity and wisdom for leadership, and it’s simply contagious. Her presence within our childcare center has sparked opportunities for growth and development by leaps and bounds. All the staff at our center look forward to her visits as they know she will bring positive change and leave everyone feeling confident and energized.  I feel blessed to learn from her, and seeing her brings me so much hope. She helps me be a better leader while filling my cup at the same time. I wish everyone the opportunity to meet and work with Angela to bring out their best selves.

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