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Enneagram Coaching

Enneagram Coach Certified

6 sessions 60 minutes each

Includes a complimentary discovery call.

Enneagram to Discover YOU: Are you a woman who desires to understand herself, and her family, and wants to grow and improve relationships? A woman who wants to find her sweet spot in work, serving, and community? Desires to understand your frustrations and blind spots?  Let’s journey together to discover God’s beautiful design of YOU and how He can transform you to live and love as your healthiest self!

Team Enneagram Training 

In full-day sessions, your team members will learn their enneagram number and learn ways it impacts their work-life, relationships, and communication.  Team building and interactive exercises will enhance the growth experience. Invest in their self-awareness, awareness of others, and opportunity to build and improve your culture.   Follow-up exercises and resources will be given for leadership to continue to successfully implement the Enneagram growth experience.

In 2 hour sessions, your team will take a look at what the enneagram is and get a glimpse of their individual type.  This session brings awareness of individual personality types and how each affects us personally and appears at work.


The Enneagram is a personality profile tool that reveals our core motives – fears, longings, weakness, and desires. It shows us our paths of stress and growth; and ultimately how we are operating within all areas of our personality; healthy, average, and unhealthy.  This is an incredible tool for staff development both as a team and individually.

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